Design Thinking and Digital Intent

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Companies are focusing on design thinking and digital transformation these days, trying to come up with better solutions to the same old problems that still exist in business today. I also talked about the term digital intent. While this not my own term, I have applied it in a different way to describe the outcomes of design thinking.

“In the enterprise, we have been struggling with the same strategic product challenges and seeking the same tangible business outcomes for years.”

The popular business term digital transformation describes the journey companies are undertaking today as they integrate digital technologies into every aspect of their business. Digital transformation considers people, processes, organizational culture; and the how, what, and why of how customers engage with a business.

While every major company is currently engaged in digital transformation, often undertaking multi-year transformation programs, their progress and digital maturity vary greatly as they grapple with legacy processes, technologies, and culture. As a result, many are still struggling to deliver tangible business outcomes.

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