Four Types of Content That Will Boost Your Social Account

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Are you looking to build a stronger following for your social accounts? By producing these four types of content, your account will see an increase in engagement immediately. 

Informational Content 

The goal when producing informational content is to supply your audience with needed or wanted information about your product, brand, or service. It should teach them at least one or two relevant facts or answer at least one question they have. If the main purpose of the content is to showcase the products or services that your company offers, the content should teach the reader what these products and services do and why they’re beneficial. If the purpose of the content is to drive traffic to a certain website, the information provided should tell the reader why they need to go to this website and what visiting the website will do for them. 

Entertaining Content 

Producing entertaining content can leave your audience with positive emotional connections and trust in your accounts. Some audiences may be more challenging to entertain due to the subject medium. For example, if you are making content for a funeral home, telling jokes will not be the most appropriate way to entertain your audience. Managing brand communities is often used to maintain a healthy consumer-brand relationship. Videos or graphics can be great entertaining content that can catch viewers’ eyes instantly. Posts that audience members have an emotional connection to are way more likely to be shared. 

Social Content 

Sure, all social media is social content, but producing this type of social content is more about the goal of creating a community through a strong in-group identity and engagement with audience members. By listening to audience members’ needs, they’ll associate with your account more. Social media users love being responded to and enjoy receiving feedback from other organizations. Being in charge of an active social media community is important for the growth of your account. Just make sure that the relationship is constantly maintained. 

Commercial Content

Producing branded content helps achieve the goals of keeping the brand top-of-mind for audiences/consumers. The wider the audience that sees your brand’s account, the more likely it is to be shared elsewhere. Commercial content can lead to more brand awareness, which in turn leads to more revenue. With more brand exposure more users may feel loyal to your brand, and that can start a relationship between the consumer and the brand. 

What kind of content do you like to see the most? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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