Top 3 User Experience Design Tools in 2019

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Article by Quinn Frankel

Getting started on your project is never easy. Picking the right tools at the start might be the most difficult part of the entire project. It is crucial to the success of your project that you are utilizing the best and most efficient tools that are available to you. Our developers and designers came up with this list of the Top 3 UX design tools that we use here at KnockMedia.

1InVision – What’s great about InVision is the ability to collaborate during the design phase of your project. You can receive feedback by hosting a discussion board for your project which allows you to easily share your mockups of the project with your team. This is a far more effective way than sending screenshots or PDF files. This popular tool is also great because when you upload your screens, it presents them in a way that mimics an actual web browsing experience. This allows for much better feedback as your clients will have a better understanding of what they’re looking at. InVision has recently released the ability to design on-the-go with their mobile designing features, wherever you are InVision is great for creating both native and web apps.

2. Balsamiq – Balsamiq turns the idea into the experience. This is a great tool for bringing ideas from your head into the UX pre-production stages. This web tool allows users to mock up different designs and ideas quickly and easily. Balsamiq works like you’re drawing mockups by hand but brings it to the digital frontier, and can be used as a digital whiteboard. This tool is great because it allows for collaboration within your team. Balsamiq prepares your project to be successful from start to finish.   

3. Adobe Experience Design (XD) –  With Adobe XD, designers are able to draw, reuse, and remix artwork to create wireframes, screen layouts, interactive prototypes, and production-ready assets all in the same app. Adobe XD has a remarkably clean interface. It also makes designing very easy because once you open the program, it offers you the option to choose what kind of project you’d like to begin, whether it be for either mobile or desktop. Since Adobe XD is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud family, importing files from other Adobe products is made much simpler. Adobe XD also allows for feedback from your clients as they are able to make comments on your project when you share it directly with them. Clients are also able to view designs in real time on a multitude of devices with Adobe XD.

Our designers and developers have plenty of experience working with these tools and more. If you have any questions or need any advice on your project, contact us.

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