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Article by Matt Donahue

Not getting enough of the UX/UI culture at work? Just want some inspiration for what your next UX/UI creation could be? One of the best places to go and find some new ideas and keep up on what’s going on in the UX community is on social media. Instagram specifically can be a great place where you can learn and see UX creations. Here are the top 5 UX/UI instagram accounts for you to check out.

#5 UX_Trends

UX_Trends is an instagram account that posts daily and features a lot of UX/UI designs from various designers from across the world. This account is very diverse while providing a good mixture of teaching. The account also constantly offers new and fresh ideas for other designers out there, while at the same time allowing designers to post their own ideas. They are very active in the UX community, and always engaging with their audience.

#4 Uxuistack

UX & UI Stack is an account that post multiple times a day and is very engaged and in the know of what’s going on within the UX community. One great aspect of this account is that they show examples of well known companies such as Nike using UX in their website creation to demonstrate how the page works for the customer. Well worth the follow for the content they provide!

#3 UI_Gradient

The number 3 Instagram account is UI_Gradient. A site that is based on teaching its followers on how to go about creating new and interesting UX based content. It offers daily pictures and videos explaining how to create exciting new ideas and products. The account also provides a link to sign up for the classes that they provide on their own website.

#2 UX__UI

UI__UX is the best page on Instagram for tips and tricks to get real and fast results for UX designers. This account allows its followers to send the ux designers interesting and created content that can be posted, along with teaching its followers instructional videos that they post. The account owners are also UX/UI designers themselves so they’re extremely knowledgeable about their content as well.

#1 UX.Gems

Coming in at the top of the list is at number one is ux.gems. This account is very similar to ux.gradient but it offers free explanations of how to make and create UX projects on all of their posts. It also is very interactive with its followers and aims to answer all commonly asked questions that are asked in the comments of each post. Fresh and new daily content on the latest in the UX community and much more, as well as instagram tv videos for more in depth training.

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