App vs. WAP

October 10, 2011

If you are considering a mobile presence for your business, chances are you’ve heard the buzzwords “native app” or “wap website”.  Often there is confusion about what each of these terms means and what they should be used for.  So let’s break it down, app versus wap.

A native mobile application is an app that is specific to the device you are using, like an iPhone app, Droid app or Blackberry app.  These applications are downloaded and installed on your mobile device.  You would access a native app on your phone much like you would access Word or Excel on your computer, by finding the icon on your desktop and clicking on it to launch the app.

A WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) website is really just a website that behaves more like an app than a site.  It is accessed in a browser on your mobile device.  WAP websites are generally a stripped down version of your regular website, with less “stuff” on it so content and pages download quickly.  When you visit a WAP website on your mobile device, the WAP technology will see that you are accessing the site on a mobile device, and will automatically display the mobile version.

If you want to make your business available in the palm of your customers’ hand, you may want to consider the pros and cons of wap websites and native apps.  KnockMedia specializes in WAP design and mobile app design.  Contact us today to learn more.