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by Matt Duplinsky, Lead Front-End Developer, @KnockMedia

In today’s world every time you want a quick answer to a question, shop for something you need, or dig up some dirt on your favorite celebrities you turn to the world-wide-web. With the Internet constantly growing and expanding it becomes increasingly more difficult to enjoy your web browsing experience.

Fortunately, thanks to great browsers like Google Chrome with its Chrome extensions, just like you use Apps on your phone to make your life easier, you can now use Apps on your browser to do the same. With a similar store setup just like you would find browsing the iTunes App Store, browser extensions are just as easy to install as your favorite Apps on your phone or tablet. Browser extensions can greatly increase the functionality of your browser, whether you are a blogger, a designer, a shopper, or just browsing for latest news and events.

Browser extensions can be as simple as a to-do list, or displaying the weather with a colorful icon; to Facebook, twitter, email, games and utilities like an AdBlocker to keep those pesky ads out of sight. Additionally, browser extensions can be used to integrate your browser with other services, like desktop applications such as Evernote, to adding features to your browser, to modifying how you view websites in your browser with extensions like InvisibleHand, which notifies you if the product you are shopping for on a website is cheaper somewhere else.

I encourage readers to check out your browser’s extension-store whether it be on Google Chrome, or Firefox, you will be amazed with endless options that will undoubtedly improve your online experience. Here at Knock we’re working on a few browser extension builds for clients and we think this will be especially important to clients that are involved with social media, product development, and marketing campaigns such as promotional emails. For these types of clients we envision a simple way for them to reach out to their consumers with news, offers, and updates about what they are doing. The possibilities are endless and the end-user experience is amplified in such a way that you won’t know how you ever lived without browser extensions.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us today at 1-800-889-9316 to talk more about browser extension design and development.

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