Episodic Content – What does it mean and why should you be creating it?

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Episodic Content is one of 2016’s hottest marketing trends and for a good reason! It leaves readers wanting to know more by engaging them at different times about the same topic. Episodic is defined as containing or consisting of a series of loosely connected parts or events. Think about all of the times you read something that interested you, sure enough, you revisited that website for more content right? I can think of at least 3 different sites I visit on a weekly basis because I enjoy the content they create – it leaves me wanting more.

By creating episodic content companies will generate more traffic and in turn create more brand recognition! How do you create episodic content? First marketers need to pick how they will present their content whether it be in the form of a picture, video, article or blog post. Each type of content can be crafted to tell a story about the company. The only catch is instead of posting it all at once you must create segments that are posted individually at separate times but all tie into to each other. By having these multiple segments of content it creates more pathways to connect with customers. Not to mention by creating series like content on a regular basis it encourages your audience to come back to see what’s new and with all the visits to your site, it can help improve your search engine optimization, subscription lists, and general followers.

An example of episodic content would be your favorite television show. For example every year Netflix releases a whole season of a show called Orange Is The New Black, people count down the days until it comes out and spend countless hours watching and rewatching the series before anxiously awaiting the next season. The reason why people spend so much time watching this series is because they want to know more, they are captivated and they are invested in the story. Marketers can produce the same results as long as their content tells a story that their audience can relate to or piques a certain interest of theirs.The most important part of creating episodic content is to leave your audience with questions.

On that note, If you want to create your own episodic content for your business but don’t know where to start, KnockMedia provides a great platform for communication by creating personalized one of a kind websites, phone apps, and WordPress customization so you can reach your audience in new and innovative ways. This will allow you to share your stories, ideas and passions with the world! Please visit knockmedia.com/services/ for more information!

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