Designing For The Internet of Things (IoT)

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Article by Quinn Frankel

Our world is strongly connected – and every day it becomes even more connected. The constant interaction that we have with all of our connected devices is becoming increasingly complex. Designing for the Internet of Things (IoT) now gives UX designers a new challenge. When designing for the IoT, UX designers now need to understand what devices the IoT can connect to, how to design for cross-device interaction, and how to design for all IoT users. Before you dive into how to design for IoT devices, check out this article on how User Experience impacts IoT devices

The Power of IoT Design 

The IoT can feel overwhelming and complex. If the design of the device is successful, then people who engage with the device will feel confident in their ability to use them. If people know they can operate a device with ease, they will embrace the product and use it as often as possible. Artificial intelligence is essential to IoT design and can help make the user experience easier and simpler. Artificial intelligence can create algorithms that make sense of difficult information that humans cannot. Artificial intelligence can also anticipate user needs and respond to voice commands. The end goal of designing for any IoT device is to make the product feel more human and less robotic. Designers need to develop devices and systems that can understand and interact with humans.

Cross-device Design and Interaction

The key to a consistent user experience across multiple IoT devices is in the cloud. Cloud-based applications and connected devices allow you to keep all the parts of the system constantly up-to-date. As a result, it provides users with seamless transitions between systems with minimum effort and adaptation. Responsive design in IoT goes beyond consistent experience on the web or mobile. It covers all the devices, platforms, and software involved. Therefore, IoT design requires a tight connection between physical design and functionality.

Designing with Users in Mind 

Users of IoT products want to know that their confidential information is stored safely and securely. It is really important for designers to keep security issues and user privacy in mind. Users want to trust the product that they are using and know that their information will be stored in a manner that respects their privacy. Designers need to know how to balance function with safety, security, and privacy issues when designing IoT devices.

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