Parallax website design has been a popular design trend throughout the last decade. As much of the web changes, so too do our expectations for websites as a user. Web-users today want to be engaged, entertained, and involved with the website they are on. With parallax design, you can do a wide variety of things to invite your users to engage with the site.

What is Parallax Website Design?

Parallax website design is a design trend where the background content moves at a different speed than the frontend content while scrolling the page. This creates an illusion on the screen and adds to the sense of immersion to the entire user experience. 

Why should you use Parallax Website Design?


The visual appearance of a website becomes more important as our expectations towards the web become more demanding. Everyone seems to have a website nowadays and plain usability is not enough anymore to make you stand out from the crowd. Parallax design allows you to stand out from your competitors and brings a truly special look to your website. 

Advanced Product Presentation

Parallax scrolling and website design allow for a more advanced and vivid way of presenting your product. With standard web techniques, you’d only be able to show static web content, but with parallax scrolling, you’ll allow your users to view the product virtually as they’ve never been able to before. Parallax website design allows the user to explore the product on their own initiative and creates a sense of increased depth that can be controlled by the users’ own scrolling behavior.

In-Depth Storytelling 

Parallax scrolling offers the ideal setting to tell your story in an engaging and interactive way. Your users will be able to take control and walk through the story at their own pace. The different layers that respond differently to the scrolling behavior of the user create a sense of depth and can even allow for multiple storylines. 


By using parallax scrolling, you can put your users in charge of the site. By doing so, your users take an active role in their interaction with the site. This allows the user to choose how they engage with the site and can lead to a more positive experience.

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