The Challenge

Odyssey Logistics’ international trucking business specializes in complex logistical strategy. They work very closely with several individual business units, all of which contribute key areas of expertise. Odyssey needed a website that housed all of these divisions under one umbrella, maintaining a solid user experience and highlighting Odyssey as a clear leader within the industry. KnockMedia was contracted to lead the effort, collaborating with Odyssey and the other businesses to create a unified vision of this intricate and critical integration.
  • Print collateral: Logo, Brochures, Business Cards, Whitepapers, Trade Shows
  • Custom Responsive WordPress
  • HTML 5
  • Plugin Customization
  • CMS
  • Video Players

The Solution

KnockMedia's management team conducted interviews over the course of several months. It was imperative that acceptance was obtained from the individual business groups, whose current websites would all fold into the new Odyssey Logistics site. The interviews revealed key areas of concern that would have to be addressed. All sides wanted their valuable experience and initiatives to be expressed in the new site. Once direction was established, the creative team was able to design an experience that would satisfy all parties involved. The site now reflects the power of Odyssey Logistics along with all of the units that have key contributions to the common goal.