The Challenge

Willa was searching for a team to overhaul their brochure-style retail website. Their progressive business; which empowers young women to become entrepreneurs, needed a modern native app experience that matched the energy of their young user base. In addition, the business needed a full-scale, completely integrated ecommerce webapp to handle the expansion in sales capability. The new websites and app had a significant technical challenge, as each required the integration with the Exigo direct selling platform. With a design concept in hand, Willa set out to find a partner to bring their lofty goals to life in short order.
  • Custom UX
  • iOS development
  • Exigo Platform Integration

The Solution

KnockMedia pitched and won the project to create 3 webapps and an ios app. A project that has so many moving pieces requires a flexible, diverse team. KnockMedia’s creative and technical hybrid fit the bill! We were able to design a platform that met the needs of a youthful, exuberant user base, yet handled all the business rule complexity needed to satisfy the experienced and talented willa management team. The apps continue to strive in an ever-growing market.