About the Company

The Semiconductor Environmental Safety and Health Association (SESHA) improves environmental, safety and health performance, preventing workplace injuries and accidents and promoting technological advances through our website resources, webinars, mini-conferences, and technical symposia and exhibitions.



SESHA was looking to modernize and upgrade a nearly 25 year old website, event registration and video-on-demand (VOD) system.  The new website would need to carry over hundreds of vital pages and documents as well as support an event management infrastructure. With decades of history accumulated on the site, finding new and easier ways to sort the information for users to quickly access would be the challenge at hand.


KnockMedia created a new digital platform for SESHA with event registration, video-on-demand, and access to presentation abstracts and journals dating back 30 years.  The website was built mobile first on WordPress with Woocommerce for event registration and membership gating.  Over 10,000 pages of content were migrated from the old website to new.  All of the content for the new experience was made ADA compliant and optimized for search engines.


The new organization and gating of journal abstracts has been a game-changer for SESHA.  On-site search and chronological display have made the nearly three-decade old library of educational content accessible and shareable for members and the general public.  The introduction of ecommerce has allowed the Association to adapt to the needs of their growing membership base and upgrade a number of adjacent systems which has helped modernize processes across the business.

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